My Favorite Bagel Sandwich

This is a veggie & cheese bagel sandwich which I discovered on The Pioneer Woman Cooks.  We have this sandwich regularly at our house.  (Honestly, I do make more than sandwiches for dinner.  Just tonight I made marinated salmon and a zucchini lentil salad with a yogurt tahini dressing – I just didn’t take pictures.  Check out my Going MediterrAsian blog on the blog roll for some non-sandwich recipes which I’ve made in the past.)  To make this sandwich:

toast a bagel

spread on cream cheese with chives

add sliced tomato, sliced cucumbers, sliced avocado, sliced red onion

in the center, sandwich a slice of cheddar between two pieces of Muenster

And yum!  Unfortunately my grocery store no longer carries alfalfa sprouts, which are included in the original recipe.  Something about too much risk of e coli.  Boo.  For much prettier pictures of this awesome sandwich, click here: veggie & cheese bagel sandwich.


One response

  1. Yep, I know alfalfa sprouts were dangerous! LOL! At least I’ve always been afraid to eat them. But that sandwich looks amazingly good. I’m going to start making that for myself for lunch!

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